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Starco is producing since 1988 knitted garments under private labeling for her respected customers. Started with 80.000 garments imported in 1989, today multimillion garments are supplied to its European customer network.
Starco established this growth in a competitive market by maintaining constant high quality, strict deliveries against competitive prices.

Starco used to source from different factories in Bangladesh and decided to build its own factory in a joint venture to be able to produce under full social compliance to satisfy today’s need of the European buyers.
In 2007 the full vertical International Classic Composite Ltd (ICCL) has been established. Powered by a state of the art environmental friendly dye house which has been realized in co-operation with the PSOM program subsidized by the EVD department of the Dutch government. After dying the polluted wastage water is being treated and clean disposed back into the river. The dye house is an integrated project in the newly built full social compliant T-shirt factory which is forecasting within a 3 years period an annual production of 10-12 million garments.
Aside this project a compliant sweater factory is taking care of an annual production of 1,5 million sweaters. Also here social compliance requirements are followed.

Starco is managed efficiently and carefully by her managing director Mr. Joel Menco. A team of highly motivated and dedicated professionals assist him in the European head office based nearby Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Since the start in 1988 Classic International Pvt. Ltd is the local office in Dhaka Bangladesh which takes care of the in-line production control of all produced goods. Inspections are done from arrival of the yarn till shipment of the cartons. Every production stage is strictly controlled.

To ensure the highest quality of prints and embroideries, in 1997 a print house has been established. Three German carrousel printing machines and a Japanese and a Chinese embroidery machine are daily operating to fulfill the high quality standard requests by Starco customers.

The combination of high standard T-shirts and high standard prints, enables Starco to supply to main jeans- and sportswear companies all overEurope.

For basic plain T-shirts Starco is supplying big volumes to major retail chains and department stores. Starco has a department specialized in Never-Out-of-Stock facilities (NOOS). Weekly deliveries are made on demand from its warehouses to her customers. Prices can be fixed with a one year validity in any currency. Clients stock is kept in the Starco warehouse. For our clients no pre-finance is needed, so a high annual stock rotation can be achieved by keeping minimum stock position cheering up client’s balance sheets.

Starco is delivering and marketing her products to customers in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Czech republic, Austria, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Greece and Turkey.

With more than 30 years of experience, controlling each stage of production, following social compliance as per international standards (BSCI), Starco will maintain and expand her place within the European market in the coming decade.

Starco, your partner to be !!!

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